Panelware Sideforms / Shutters

  • Centurion Sideforms / Shuttering

    The Centurion Composite Sideform is a universal sideform that can be used for both Precast and Site Cast applications.

    The Centurion Sideform allows for capping to be snapped on both ends thus allowing for the sideform height to be increased by up to 25 mm (1 inch) on either end (i.e. a total of 50 mm (2 inches) increase in overall sideform height).

    This makes the Centurion an ideal sideform to use on fixed or hinged ends of a precast table because it eliminates the need to remove the fixed end sideforms in order to change panel thickness. Instead one can simply leave the sideform in place and replace the capping to accommodate changes in thickness of panels being cast.

  • Trojan Sideforms / Shutters

    Coming soon.