Spartan Base Insert

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The rubber-like Base Insert in the Spartan Sideform forms the base chamfer in the sideform / edgeform profile. This allows you to have any edge chamfer profile in the edgeform base simply by inserting the new profile into the sideform.

The insertable Base Insert is designed to take up any minor variances between the edgeform and the casting bed / table surface which minimises concrete bleed to the bottom edge chamfer of the cast concrete member (avoiding expensive patching to make good the edge).

Traditional casting procedures involve the placement of silicone to the interface between the base of the edgeform and casting table which is very labour intensive and hence costly in both installation of the silicone and removal of same from the casting table and edgeform.

Therefore by eliminating this process, the Base Insert substantially increases productivity and production cost-efficiency.

The range of insertable base chamfer profiles will increase in the future and custom profiles can be made to order relatively cost efficiently. It is substantially more cost-effective to extrude an insertable base chamfer profile to a specific shape and insert into existing aluminium extrusion blanks than to manufacture and stock an entire new range of edgeforms.

The current range of insertable inserts is 12 mm x 122 mm Chamfer profile and Square Edge profile.

Download SRB - Spartan Rubber Base Inserts.pdf (6MB)