Trojan Sideforms / Shuttering

Trojan Hand Tools

Trojan Sideform Track Cleaner

The Trojan Track Cleaner is used to clear the ‘T’ Lock rail strip at the rear of the Trojan Sideform from any concrete spillage.


Trojan Sideform Stacking Bracket

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The Trojan Sideform Stacking Bracket enables two Trojan sideforms (of any combination in height) to be secured on top of one another to give substantially higher shutter heights. This is particularly useful when casting thick members such as columns or insulated ‘sandwich’ panels.

Trojan Adaptors / Connectors

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The Trojan Sideform is designed for simple connection to the supporting mechanism (whether Precast Magnet Clamps or mechanical brace / support systems and brackets) via a spring loaded uni-bolt that locks into the rear ‘T’ slot in the Trojan Sideform.

Titan Slotted Magnet Adaptor / Connector Plate

The Trojan Sideform can be used in the precast application by connecting and securing the sideform to the Titan Magnet Clamp via the Titan Slotted Magnet Adaptor Plate.

The uni-bolt is inserted into the rear of the Trojan Sideform simply by rotating the uni-bolt in a clockwise direction inside the rail at the rear of the sideform. The spring loading on the uni-bolt keeps it in position in the T Slot in the rear of the Trojan Sideform.

The uni-bolt has a protruding thread that runs through the slotted hole in the side of the adaptor plate and is attached to the adaptor plate via a plastic knob.

The magnet clamp (with handles in disengaged position) is placed along the rear of the sideform and the uni-bolt turned clockwise, via the thread, locating it in the rear T Slot at the rear of the sideform.

When the sideform is adjusted to its correct location the magnet is first engaged to the casting table. Slight pressure is then exerted onto the top of the sideform to seal against the casting table and adaptor knob tightened firmly securing the uni-bolt and hence the sideform to the adaptor plate.

Ball Lock Rail Strip

The Trojan can be alternatively secured to the steel table in the same fashion as the Spartan Sideform via a Titan Magnet with a standard Titan Ball Lock Adaptor Plate.

Ball Lock Rail Strips are screw fixed to the rear of the Trojan Sideform at the required centres or spacings. These Ball Lock Rail Strips replicate the Ball Lock Rail Strip along the rear of the Spartan Sideform. This means the same Titan Adaptor Plate is used for two purposes:

  • engaging and securing the Titan Magnet Clamp to the Trojan Sideform (with the Ball Lock Rail Strip)
  • the Spartan Sideform.

Trojan Sideform Connection / Joining

Trojan Production Connection Plates

During the production process it is necessary to temporarily join two lengths of sideform / edgeform to produce the required length of the panel or structure being cast. This however is not a permanent join particularly when excessively long sideform lengths are required and permanently joining the sideforms would make them too heavy and impractical to handle.

SRB utilises Steel Connector Plates in purpose built channels at the rear of the sideforms to simply, quickly and very cost effectively join lengths of sideform for the duration of the manufacture process.

The connector plates are generally left / stored in one end of a standard length sideform simply by turning the knob on the connector plate to lock it in the sideform channel.

The two sideform lengths being joined are abutted end to end and the connector plate is simply released and pushed into the channel of the sideforms being joined so that the plate is engaged in both sideforms. The knobs are then easily hand tightened securing the two sideforms to one another for the length of the production process.

Once the concrete is sufficiently cured for stripping the connector plate is loosened and pushed fully into one sideform and again locked to remain in that sideform. This disconnects the two joined sideforms enabling them to be separately stripped away from the cast member.


Trojan Aluminium Extrusion


The Trojan Sideform is made from high structural grade aluminium extrusion with high dimensional tolerance and accuracy.

The Sideforms come in standard lengths of 5.8 m (19 ft) and heights of 125 mm (5 inch), 150 mm ( 6 inch), 175 mm (7 inch) & 200 mm (8 inch).