Spartan Magnetic Clamp Adaptors / Connectors


The Spartan Sideform is designed for simple connection to magnet clamps via an adaptor plate that is affixed to the magnet clamp along a rail strip at the rear of the sideform.

Therefore the connection simply involves lowering the adaptor attached to the magnet clamp so that the ball lock at the base of the adaptor plate fits into the corresponding ball lock rail strip at the rear of the sideform.

Once the adaptor plate is in the rail strip along rear of the sideform, the sideform is adjusted into final position with the clamp attached. The handle on the magnet clamp is then pushed down to engage the magnetic plate to the steel table and secure the sideform in position. The system does not require any bolts, screws or any other fixings to secure the sideform to the magnetic clamp.



Titan Solid Adaptor / Connector Plate

The Titan Adaptor Plates are solid polymer construction with adaptor sizes to suit the full range of aluminium sideform extrusions with some commonality in sizing:- 55 mm, 100/125 mm, 150/175 mm & 200 mm sideform adaptors.

The adaptor plates are designed to be simply and quickly installed and removed to enable expedient changeover of adaptors. The adaptors are fixed to the clamp via a slotted keyhole in the adaptor that fits over the adaptor bolts in the magnet clamp. The adaptor is simply pushed up once over the bolts and the bolts are easily finger tightened – no tools required.

To remove the adaptor plate the clamp, with adaptor plate attached, is turned upside down and the adaptor plate tapped on the casting table to loosen. Once loosened the adaptor plate is pushed down the magnet face to align the keyholes with the bolt head and be simply removed from the clamp.

Download SRB - Adaptor Plates for T3MC & Spartan Sideform.pdf (11.1MB)

Titan Adjustable Adaptor / Connector Plate

The novel Titan Adjustable Adaptor Plate allows the ball lock rail or sideform connection point to move up and down (vertical plate) in relation to the magnet clamp housing / body.

This adjustment compensates for errors in the trueness or flatness of the steel casting table. Where there is a low spot in the table the magnet base sits lower than the base of the sideform or edgeform which spans across the higher spots of the table.

Without the vertical adjustment capability between the magnet clamp and the sideform, the magnet base would be restricted to the sideform base height - leaving it elevated off the table by the degree of error in the table. This would reduce the magnet clamps holding / support capabilities.

The SRB Adjustable Adaptor plate thus allows for a maximum 5 mm vertical movement hence allowing for up to 5 mm error in the table (i.e. up to 5 mm gap under the sideform/shutter) without reducing or impeding the magnets strength or bond to the table in any way.

Download SRB_TitanAdjustableBallAdaptorPlates.pdf (9.48MB)