Spartan Sideform End Seals

SRB have developed an End Seal that fits into the ends of Spartan Sideform sections and serves a number of purposes and functions. Safety: According to Occupational Health and Safety data records in Australia the majority of injuries in a precast yard arise from the use and handling of sideforms / edgeforms.

The rubber End Seals cover the sharp edges of the sideform to minimise possible injuries attained from human impact with the edge of the sideform.

The Splayed End Seal is designed to replicate the internal fillet chamfers of the sideform. This eliminates the need to cut any splays on the edge of the sideform where the sideforms perpendicularly abut because the Splay End Seal forms the chamfers at the end of the sideform. Removing the need to cut sideform edge chamfers prevents all possible injuries from that process.

The rubber Square End and Chamfer End Seals are colour coded in red and yellow safety colours to make them more visible and easier to avoid in the dark precast environment.

Concrete Fill: The rubber End Seals prevent or minimise concrete bleed into the sideform. Concrete bleed in the sideform creates issues in abutment of sideforms and cutting of sideform as the concrete damages cutting blades. The Ends Seals prevent this from happening.

Easier stripping.

The End Seals are designed with a minimal contact point at the front (form) face of the sideform / edgeform and play out towards the rear of the sideform. This inhibits the sideform lengths from jarring into one another during the process of stripping the forms away from the cast concrete which translates into production and cost efficiency as well as less damage to equipment.

Spartan Square End SealĀ 

Red Square End Seals are used where sideforms abut to one another end to end .

Spartan Splayed End Seal

Yellow Bevelled End Seals are used where sideforms abut perpendicular to one another. The splay in the End Seal sits neatly into the face of the abutting sideform. This minimises concrete bleed and eliminates the need to cut splay chamfer ends on the sideform, which means the only cuts to sideform lengths are simple square cuts.