Tiltform Risers

The Risers are the lateral support running through the buttress frame to the edgeform. The edgeform is locked in place by a vertical clamping force on the Risers by the buttress frame.

Base Risers

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Now it is incredibly easy to achieve a true level plane with our Base Risers and levelling lugs.

Read more: Base Risers


Sliding Risers

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Easily change the size of your 2nd, 3rd or subsequent panels with our Sliding Risers.

The Sliding Risers can slide over the Base Riser reducing the panel size being cast over the panel underneath without any further reinstatement or fixing of formwork. Where necessary the risers can be simply and easily extended by joining one onto the other for added length.

Riser Capping

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Just snap on a Riser Cap to change the height of your riser. It really is just like lego.
The risers have 5 mm (1/4 inch), 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm & 25 mm PVC capping profiles that snap on to the top and bottom of the riser to increase the riser heights. This is to match the 5 mm incremental increases in capping height on the Centurion Sideforms / Shutters. Please refer to Sideform Shutters.

Riser Joiners

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Want a longer riser? Easy.
The risers come standard 600 mm (2 ft) long and can be simply joined in lengths to accommodate panel reduction in the stack by inserting the male end of the riser into the female end and locking them together with a steel pin. Grown ups' Lego.