Base Risers

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Now it is incredibly easy to achieve a true level plane with our Base Risers and levelling lugs.

The Base Riser has a longitudinal cut-out to accommodate levelling lugs in the buttress Frames.

The levelling lugs are used to compensate for errors in the floor slab / casting bed in order to take out or minimise any twist in the panel being cast.

The floor slab in the area being cast is checked for level with a laser level and the highest point selected. The levelling lugs true position is 50 mm (2 inches) above the base of the buttress frame (hence 50 mm above the floor slab).

50 mm is then added to the reading for the highest point of the floor slab and all the levelling lugs are adjusted to this level thus giving a flat, true plane. Accordingly all the risers are then sitting on one true level plane.

From this point on no further adjustments of any kind are required for the height or level of any subsequent panels as the actual risers then form the base or starting point for all subsequent panels being cast.